City Hears Audit Report

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Hired auditor Paul Breazeale of Jackson presented highlights of a 171 page report to the Meridian City Council Tuesday.

"There really are not any surprises in this audit report. It's a good report," said Breazeale. "The city of Meridian is in good financial condition and you'll see that when you look at these 10 year trends I'm going to present to you today."

Among those trends was an almost flat tax millage rate during that period.

"This is the millage comparison for the last 10 year period. Millage has been basically stable," said Breazeale.

Breazeale noted the increase in sales tax collections, that the city has received 36 federal grants and its fund balance of about $7 million.

Asked how he would grade the city's financial condition, Breazeale said he would assign an "A.”

Breazeale said Meridian compares favorably with some other Mississippi cities.

"If you look at some of those cities over in the Delta, for instance, they have negative fund balances. Their sales tax receipts are going down and they would look at the city of Meridian's financial statements and they would kill to have these," Breazeale said.