Rankin County Damage

In all, almost 60 houses were damaged.

"The early count is that we have approximately 57 homes in various stages of damage, and that ranges anywhere from moderate to destroyed," says Rankin County Fire Emergency Management Coordinator Tommy Steen.

Of those, Steen says 15 received major damage and 17 were destroyed.

For one family we talked with, their porch still stands but everything else is gone.

"Starting over from about 15 feet up we're finding stuff of ours all scattered all over. I think it’s just a mixture of the whole neighborhood actually," says Trael Welch, whose house was destroyed in the storm.

At the time of the storm, Welch says him, his wife and their two young children had just left their mobile home to seek safety at a nearby friend's house. While the damage is extensive, officials say six people were injured during the storm. At last check, only one of the six was in critical condition.

Meanwhile, as the cleanup begins, emergency responders are onsite meeting homeowners’ needs.

"We're working in connection with Rankin County's EOC, and as long as they need us here serving, we won't leave until all of the needs are met," says Mark Jones with the regional office of the Salvation Army.

As for the Welch family, this blow comes just months before they are set to move into a house which they are building. Meanwhile, as they and others try to salvage pieces of the past, they are also looking ahead to the future.

"You know, most of it money can replace," says Welch. "If that's all that's going to be an issue, then that's not so bad!"