Thousands Due Refunds

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The Internal Revenue Service has $12 million in refunds for over 14,000 Mississippi taxpayers who didn't file tax returns for 2001. The catch is that Mississippi taxpayers have until Apr. 15 to make a claim.

IRS spokesman Mark Green of Atlanta says the law gives most taxpayers a three-year window for claiming refunds. He says there's no penalty for filing a late return that qualifies for a refund. Green says the average refund due Mississippi residents is about $416.

Green says individuals not filing returns were likely part-time workers or college students. He says even if they were not required to file a return, they can file to claim the amount paid in taxes.

Green says those seeking 2001 refunds should be aware that their checks will be held if they have not filed returns for 2002 or 2003.

In addition, he says the refund will be applied to any amount owed to the IRS and may be used to satisfy unpaid child support or past due federal debts such as student loans.