Joint Cleanup Set

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Under the city of Meridian's contract with Waste Management, large tree limbs, broken appliances or wornout tires do not have to be picked up by the company.

Odell Hopkins, contract compliance officer for the city, came to the Lauderdale County Board of Supervisors with a request for help.

"What we'd like to do on the (Nov.) 21st which is a Thursday before the week of Thanksgiving, we're going to go out with crews and try to get some of that illegal stuff up off the ground," said Hopkins. "We're targeting pretty much areas that are heavily saturated with it. We currently have crews right now, a crew rather, that's going in more than we can handle at one time."

Hopkins asked the supervisors to aid the cleanup effort.

"It's something I think that's the objective of everybody in this room is to clean up our area, city and county, you know and make a beautiful place for all of us to live," said Hopkins.

The supervisors agreed to supply a truck and a crew to help.

Complaints about stray dogs in the town of Marion also surfaced.
Marion's aldermen have never adopted the county's stray animal ordinance.

"They can adopt their ordinance and they can enforce it and bring their animals to the shelter just like the city of Meridian," said board president Craig Hitt. "Or they can, even without an ordinance I guess, if they have a problem they can bring the animal to the shelter."

In other business, county engineer Neal Carson said the striping contractor hired to mark Lauderdale County's state and county roads has finally arrived and is at work.

"If you have any particular road that you know of that we need to be striped, let me know and we'll add it to that list," Carson said.