Cash Haul for Holley and United Way

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We all like having money in our hands, but it's even better when we don't have to subtract from our bank balance.

That's the pleasure Shawn Holley had Friday afternoon at National Bank of Commerce in Philadelphia.

By winning a contest in March, Holley had the chance to take money from its new state of the art ATM on Holland Avenue, for a period of five minutes, at $40.00 a pop.

"As a police officer, you know we don't make a lot of money, so this is a blessing, and 10 percent always goes to the church," said Holley.

Holley, a Union police officer, is recovering from surgery that he had the same day he entered the contest.

To top it all off, The United Way of Neshoba County was also on the receiving end. National Bank of Commerce matched Shawn's winnings of $480 and made a donation to the agency.

'We're at 98 percent of our goal, so this will help us have a little extra money," said United Way treasurer Allen Hardy. "We just sent checks out the first of April."

In other words, everybody's a winner.