Lott Proud of NAS Meridian

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Mississippi Sen. Trent Lott says the multiple missions at Meridian Naval Air Station should help it fight of the Base Closure and Realignment Process, or BRAC.

The senator says the many different programs, ranging from pilot training to the Naval Reserve Center, should be worth some points when the BRAC process begins.

"I'm going to be disappointed if Meridian is on the list again," said Lott. "And also over the past 10 or 12 years through the efforts of Sen. (John) Stennis, Sonny Montgomery, Thad Cochran, Chip Pickering and myself, we have greatly improved and modernized that base. That is an excellent facility. We should all feel proud of it and it does a great job for our military personnel and our Navy pilots. "

Lott also says the strong public support and support by elected officials here is a plus in favor of NAS.

The list of bases on the closure list is set to be released in May.