Rumors Cause Concern

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The rumors that circulated Friday at Neshoba Central Middle School were of an alleged threat to certain students that began swirling early, frightening some students and parents.

Parents, school officials and law enforcement officers tried to separate fact from fiction.

Law enforcement told Newscenter 11 that nothing illegal has happened and no arrests have been made. Still, some parents said they are worried and scared enough to pick up their children early from school.

Sheriff Larry Myers said there has been no violence. He says all involved have to weigh the threat and decide when rumors or talk cross a line and demand action.

School officials told Newscenter 11 they were advised against making a public statement, and therefore refused comment.

With the recent trend of school related violence, it's easy to see why parents would be concerned.

Sheriff Myers assured Newscenter 11 that if the threat becomes real, he and his staff will be on hand to protect the children.