Team Kemper Launched

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They call The Lion's Den Restaurant the "Pride of Scooba" with good reason. It's one of the few businesses operating downtown. When it opened a month and a half ago, it became the first new business to open here in quite some time.

"I think Scooba's down, but we're opening up new business to try to make it come up," said Francine Buie.

You only have to look across the road to see if that's needed. It's a virtual ghost town there, full of empty buildings and empty streets.

Most of these buildings have been closed for years, but county officials hope that's about to change. Revitalizing downtown Scooba is one of the goals of a new group designed with economic development in mind.

"Doing things such as planting flowers, doing day parks, revitalizing some of the buildings into community centers," said Brian Henson of the Kemper Economic Development Authority.

The Team Kemper Coordinating Council has several other goals, including bringing new industry to Kemper County and helping existing industry grow and prosper.

But they say they believe making downtown Scooba and DeKalb look better will help with those goals.

"Everybody likes to have a place that is attractive and well kept," said member Bobbie Harbour.

The folks at the Lion's Den say they hope it works. More business here might just be a good sign for the rest of the county.