Children First: "T" Is for Train

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For most travelers aboard the train from Laurel to Meridian, learning something is the last thing on their mind, but for about 19 preschoolers from First United Methodist Church Preschool in Quitman, learning about the letter "T" is, well, tops. They caught the Thursday, ten o'clock train to Meridian.

"Somehow they always think the letter 'T', Train. So, every year we have to ride the train. They love it," said Debbie Bonner. "Anytime we do an outing, they always remember going somewhere. So it's always just a real fun time."

While trekking through the territory aboard the train, the tiny tribe was told to track down as many "T" words as they could take in.

Suddenly shy, most of the four and five-year-olds didn't want to talk, but did say they spotted trees and tracks while riding the train.

These preschoolers have been working on the alphabet since school began. By taking a trip on the train, they are getting a hands-on experience, which aids in the learning process.

"It always helps them remember if we can do something outside the classroom," said Ellen Cotten. "It's something that sticks with them, so we try to do as many of these as we can."