Meridian Audit Presentation

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Tuesday's City Council meeting will include a presentation from independent auditor Paul Breazeale, who has worked with local governments across Mississippi, including the City of Meridian, to try and provide an overall picture of how effectively an area is operating.

"Our auditors are very pleased with the state of the city right now," says Mayor Cheri Barry.

Barry says the budget that was passed last year included some painful measures, some of those measures included not filling 22 open positions.

"I've had to make some really tough decisions, and make some cuts where I really didn't want to," said Barry after looking over the audit, "but because of that we are on a path to recovery and a healthier budget for the City of Meridian."

City Council President Barbara Henson says she too is pleased with the report, saying that compared to last year, the city is in better financial shape.

Barry says the city still is not where she'd like it to be, and there is still more "homework" in store.