Crowson Running the Race

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Judy Crowson has traveled the world, but still has her sights set on loftier goals.

She has visited all seven continents and is now making it a part of her to-do list to run a marathon on them all.

Crowson, originally from Raleigh, Miss, says she is not afraid to admit her age, and it's no wonder. At age 60 and a grandmother seven times over, she recently completed a race of over 26 miles in Antarctica.

Crowson said she got the idea to do it after reading an article in Fitness Magazine in 2000.

Crowson is a psychometrist for Meridian Public Schools and is a mother of three, ranging in age from 28 to 35. She says she started running in 1980 as a way to relieve stress. She entered her first marathon in 1991 in Washington, D.C. and her second in Chicago as a tune-up for Antarctica.

"I was just about one of the least experienced runners up there, but everybody made you feel welcome and we just had a great time together," Crowson said.

With a host of souvenirs from her trip, like her race number caked with mud and her medal for completing the race. Not insignificantly, Crowson came in first for her age group. She says this is just the beginning.

"It just makes me feel better. I want my children, when they are looking for presents when I am 80 to 85, to buy me running shoes," she said.

Crowson will also be taking part in Saturday's Anderson Cup Road Race in Meridian.

"I'm just glad to have done what I am able to do," said Crowson.

Crowson's next goal is to race in Africa. She says she hopes to finish marathons in all 7 continents by the time she turns 65.