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A foundation where Roy Moore serves as chairman of the board raised $1.3 million in donations in its first year. Political experts say that's evidence the ousted chief justice wouldn't have any trouble financing a campaign for governor.

Political scientist William Stewart at the University of Alabama says raising that much in an organization's first year "is very impressive" and indicates that "Judge Moore would not hurt from a financial standpoint" if he runs for governor.

The big question: will he run? The Associated Press obtained the 2003 tax return for the Foundation for Moral Law by requesting it from the Internal Revenue Service. Among its expenses were legal fees totaling $428,438.

Foundation president Rich Hobson says the legal fees involved Moore's effort to keep his Ten Commandments monument in the state judicial building and another Ten Commandments case in Georgia.

The organization reported spending $185,288 on salaries and benefits, but Hobson says Moore serves as chairman without pay.