Cancer Study/Volunteers Needed

Currently, it's projected that one out of every three women, and one out of every two men will be diagnosed with cancer.

In an effort to curb these numbers, the local American Cancer Society is intensely seeking volunteers.

'We're looking for people 30 to 65 that have never had cancer,' says Lynn Irby, with the local chapter of the American Cancer Society. ' We don't count skin cancer. So, if you've had skin cancer, you can still be part of the study.'

'This is one of those once in a generation opportunities that we as Americans have to change the face of cancer in our world,' says Anderson Cancer Center Administrator, Wayne Herrington.

Previous studies discovered the link between smoking and lung cancer. Officials with the American Cancer Society feel assured that this study will be just as enlightening.

'We've had so many advancements, even in technology, with cellphones and all that kind of thing, and we want to find out just how things we come in contact with affect us,' says Irby.

'We're looking to enroll over 300,000 people nationwide and we need a good cross section of people from different cultural backgrounds to know how this affects different populations,' says Herrington.

Volunteers for the local study do not have to be from Meridian, or even from the state of Mississippi. To volunteer go to the CPS3 website and enroll. That address is or call the American Cancer Society at 1-888-604-5888.

'This is for our children. This is how each of us can help prevent a loved one from hearing the words, 'You have cancer!' says Irby.