MHS Academic Team Wins Title

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Meridian High School is celebrating its newest championship team, the MHS Academic Team.

This weekend Meridian won a title in Jackson that qualifies them for national competition, but it wasn't easy.

Their final match-up was tied and MHS had to win it in overtime.

The answer that won it for Meridian was "Milwaukee, Wisconsin."

"I was trying to think what the answer was then they said Marquette University, that gave me a clue," recalls senior Manpreet Singh, who answered the winning question, "then it said the biggest city in Wisconsin, that's when I knew it was Milwaukee."

"It's just a testament of the quality of teachers here," says longtime team captain Daniel May, "and the hard work that we've all put in for academic team."

Singh and May both say an art history class they are currently taking helped the whole team have a leg up in the competition.

The coach of the academic team is Mike Clymer.