Men for Change

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As the school year wraps up one Meridian man is wrapping up his first year making sure students at Carver Middle School have a safe walk home.

Stevie Mosley is the Executive Director of the group Men for Change. All year he has met students at Carver as they cross a busy portion of 8th Street in Meridian.

"Pretty much everyone has a cell phone, and a lot of times when the light changes people are looking at their cell phone," says Mosley, "and they zoom through, and thankfully we're here to make sure the kids are safe."

Mosley says he simply tells the kids to have a good day and to listen to their parents.

Students, parents, and the Carver administration appreciate the effort.

If you would like to get involved with Men for Change, you can contact Mosley directly at 601-678-7516.