Children First: Kids Helping Kids

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For the sixth year in a row, the children of East End Head Start Center in Meridian rode bicycles, tricycles and scooters in the Annual Trike-A-Thon Fundraiser for St. Jude Hospital. It shows they are learning more than just their ABCs.

"We don't just teach the children the alphabet and so on," said Miriam Clark of East End Head Start Center. "We teach them love also, so this is one way for the children to go out into the world and help other people."

By helping St. Jude Hospital, the children learn a sense of responsibility to their community. The teachers also try to help the children understand how lucky they are to have their health.

"We want all our children to know they are blessed to be well and able to come to school, because we have so many sick children that would like to come to school but can't come," Clark said.

There weren't enough bikes to go around, but every child participated. If they didn't have wheels, they had heels.

Each child was asked to raise $35 or more in pledges.