Clarkdale Student's Art Recognized by Google

A sixth grader at Clarkdale Middle School could win big and have her doodle on Google's home page.

Ashley McLeod is one of 50 finalists in the Doodle 4 Google contest. If she wins overall, she will win a college scholarship and also win a $50,000 tech grant for her school.

"Fourscore and Seven Google Searches Ago" is the title of McLeod's doodle. It features drawings that showcase the life of Abraham Lincoln.

"It's a really cool way to kind of connect things like art, technology, and get these kids to play with our logo and have some fun with our theme," said Ben Emmerich, partner manager for Google.

The theme for the doodles was, 'If I could travel in time, I would want to visit...'. Ashley wanted to draw someone who made an impact on our history.

"Well, the theme was if I could travel in time, I'd visit," said McLeod. "And if I had the opportunity to travel in time, I would want to visit somebody who changed our country and helped us out and was very historical. He freed slavery while he was president, so the 'G' is supposed to be shackles that are being broken because slavery is no longer there. And of course, you can't draw Abraham Lincoln without his top hat."

As Ashley now moves on to New York City and a chance to win scholarship money, she serves as an example to her fellow students.

"Well, obviously we're phenomenally proud of Ashley," said Clarkdale Middle School principal, Dr. Roy McNeill. "It's always good when somebody steps up and competes at a national level and does something really spectacular and out of the ordinary that reminds the rest of us if we work hard, we can perhaps hope to do something similar."

Now Ashley needs help from her fellow students and members of the community to win. To help Ashley, all you need to do is go to the Doodle 4 Google web site and select Ashley's drawing and vote before May 10. A link is provided below. Like Abraham Lincoln, she needs your vote.