Residents React to Gov. Flap

Alabama Gov. Don Siegelman surprised many when he conceded to Cong. Bob Riley in the gubernatorial race.

Previously, Siegelman had asked for a statewide recount of ballots that were cast Nov. 5. However, he announced Monday night that he's calling it quits.

Siegelman said he thinks his decision is in the best interest of the state and his family. Meanwhile, west Alabama residents are expressing mixed reaction.

"I think that was one of the better things that he could have done. There were a lot of things that he could have done that were worse. But yeah, I thought that was mighty big of him to go ahead and concede. It will probably help him in future campaigns," said Terry Long from Pennington.

"I think he shouldn't have given up as quick as he did, because I feel like there might have been a little something going wrong in there," said Claritha Ayers from Butler.

Meanwhile, Siegelman said he still feels that he would have won if a recount were conducted.

In the meantime, Governor-elect Riley is putting together a transition team. In a letter Tuesday, Riley asked Siegelman to stop all non-emergency discretionary spending so that his new administration won't run the risk of budget cuts.

Siegelman's spokesman said the governor has promised a smooth transition and has asked his Cabinet to cooperate with Riley.