Clarke Relay Draws Large Crowd

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Relay for Life plays a big role in the fight against cancer. Clarke County's annual fundraiser was held this weekend at Archusa Lake.

"It's an event the whole county comes out for and we're here for one thing and that's to raise money to eradicate cancer," said organizer Lynn Irby. "We're going to fight this thing and we're going to win."

Twenty relay teams, 22 vendors and hundreds of people were involved.

"I wouldn't think there is anybody who has either not had a family member, themselves, a friend touched by cancer," Irby said.

Cancer survivor Tiffany Kidd says events like Relay for Life play a huge role in the lives of cancer patients and their families.

"When I pulled up today I started crying," said Kidd, referring to the number of people who volunteered in the effort. "It was the answer to my prayers."