150th Anniversary of Union being Spared

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Union, Miss. In the heart of downtown Union lies a building full of relics from the past. Built in 1864 by Norfleet Staton of Union, North Carolina, the Boler's Inn can trace its roots all the way back to the Civil War.

Although rugged and outdated from the outside, the moment you walk through the door of Boler's Inn you begin a trip back in time and begin to understand the history of a building that helped save Union from General Sherman's Army.

According to Foundation President Nancy Moore, Union soldiers were ready to burn the town of Union to the ground, but Sherman stopped his soldiers.

"The men got up and they were ready to torch Boler's Inn and the city and he told them to put the torches down," says Moore. "They couldn't burn Union because one of the fellow soldiers, which was Norfleet Staton and he was fighting at Chattanooga for the Confederacy. Sherman thought because of Union, North Carolina, he thought he was for the Union."

Through the years, Boler's Inn has been many things, from the first Stagecoach Inn east of the Mississippi to the first "Union Appeal" Newspaper being published there. One hundred fifty years later the building still tells a story and according to the foundation, it is up to us to preserve its history.

"I would just like to see people take more interest in it because it is our history, it is our past and we just need to do more," says Moore. "People need to come and take an interest in it."

Although now a museum, Boler's Inn will always be remembered for saving the town of Union.