Group Pushes Business Incentives

Momentum Mississippi is holding a series of meetings across the state.

The group is pushing for its incentive legislation to be added to the anticipated special session call in the middle of May.

Leaders of the public-private partnership for boosting the state's economic development future say approval of the incentive package would give the state a more competitive edge.

"It's vital that we purse new high-value, high-growth businesses, while at the same time help improve the productivity and growth of existing businesses, said Anthony Topazi, Momentum Mississippi chair and president/CEO of Mississippi Power Company. "Momentum Mississippi will help us achieve those goals, and these meetings will show how and explain why we can't stand still."

"We've talked to business and community leaders throughout the state for their input. The consensus is that our economic development incentives must be simple and flexible enough to adapt to a wide variety of opportunities, beyond traditional manufacturing," Topazi said.

Topazi said the Momentum Mississippi incentive package will help enhance growth opportunities in traditional manufacturing and expand opportunities for high growth businesses, such as data processing centers, call centers, corporate headquarters, research and development and high-tech enterprises.