Hudson's Leaving Value Fair

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Hudson's lease at the current location at Meridian's Value Fair Mall is expiring in December.

Operators say they do not wish to renew the lease because of a rent increase and a lack of repairs that have not been addressed.

Hudson's president Rick Shadix said by phone his company does not want to leave Meridian, where sales have been good.

Store manager Ken Mayfield said the economy has nothing to do with the company's decision.

"This is one of our better stores," said Mayfield. "We don't want to leave the market. It's simply a matter of trying to find a space for us to move into, a large retail space."

The closing date at Value Fair Mall is Dec. 24.

"We're hoping for a Christmas miracle that something will come through and we'll be able to find another location," said Mayfield.

Hudson's is looking for a store of at least 40,000 square feet and a minimum of 200 parking spaces.