Children First: A Foundation of Faith

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This week has been one of togetherness at Lamar School in Meridian. Throughout the week, the Fellowship of Christian Athletes held its annual "FCA Week" activities.

Each morning, FCA participants have either met for breakfast or listened to guest speakers or both.

The FCA presented these activities to promote a positive outlook for the students during the summer and for the graduating seniors heading off to college.

"It's kind of a source to come to when we are having a hard time and we need a friend to pray with or a friend to count on," said senior Cheryl Luquire, an FCA officer. "It boosts your self-confidence and it boosts your strength when you know you have God on your side."

Because Lamar is an independent school, religion can be included with academics. And this year, the FCA has had a great turnout at meetings. Every Tuesday the students got together for prayer and fellowship with guest speakers or musical guests.

"We have had a great senior class that has been the foundation and encouraging the younger kids to come out. A lot of the junior high has participated this year and Coach (Mac) Barnes has done a great job. A lot of people have been great leaders this year," said Kristina Makey, also a senior and FCA officer.

The guest speaker for a school assembly Thursday is a familiar face among Mississippi State football fans.

Former quarterback Kyle York of Houston, Tex., shared the story of his faith with the students. He told them about the loss of a friend in high school and how that led him to his beliefs.

"How I became a Christian and some of the struggles and some of the pitfalls that came with that," said York, describing what he shares with students during regular speaking engagements. "Hopefully to inspire the kids to maybe see a guy that is five or six years older than they are who has been through the fire."

Kyle graduated from MSU in December with a degree in finance and plans to attend seminary.