Auto Supplier Eyes Montgomery Park

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Lauderdale County is close to getting a new auto parts supplier business, according to local officials. They say the company plans to build in the Sonny Montgomery Industrial Park.

Approximately one year ago, officials day the EMBDC began working with a major industrial prospect relating to the automotive industry.

Terrell Temple, the county's consulting engineer and president of Engineering Plus explains.

"Last fall, early in the winter, they advised they had selected our community as the site of their development," said Terrell Temple, president Engineering Plus. "But they're not ready to announce as yet because they have some competition that they don't want to give them an indication of where they're going to be moving."

The Lauderdale County board of supervisors Thursday took site preparation bids for the proposed location in G.V. (Sonny) Montgomery Industrial Park. The low bid was $122,000.

"We're anticipating a building that initially will be approximately 50,000 square feet, slightly over an acre," said Temple. "It will ultimately be expanded to approximately 80,000 square feet, we think, which will be about a two acre building."

Temple says the jobs associated with it would be high-paying.

"You'll be looking at probably 35 employees at the outset, making a wage slightly higher than the automobile industry because the types of employees that they have do work that is very, very needed by the automobile industry," Temple said.

Temple said the firm had its reasons for choosing the existing industrial park rather than the county's new one.

"The Sonny Montgomery Industrial Park has everything that they need. It has a big enough piece of property. The ground is excellent. Water, sewer and roads are all available on the piece of property," Temple said.

A memorandum of understanding from Lauderdale County has been submitted to the company. It is expected to be signed next week.