North Hills Project Update

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The idea of meeting with residents of North Hills Street, where widening of the road is planned in the future, is to exchange ideas and make certain there are no unexpected surprises for those who live on this heavily traveled thoroughfare in Meridian.

"They said basically we're going to widen it and make it a four-lane and possibly even a five-lane, with a turn lane in the middle," said resident Tommy Temple.

Temple's house is on a hill overlooking the street near Highway 39.

"They're going to come up and they're going to have to level off part of my driveway, but they are going to put a retaining wall down here to keep my yard from washing into North Hills Street," Temple said.

The amount of property needed will vary from neighbor to neighbor.

"Some people are going to lose a little more property than others but it's all going to stay within the city's right of way, as I understand it," said Temple, who said he has had to wait up to 11 minutes to exit his driveway because of the volume of traffic at time.

Actual work on the widening project is slated to start in the summer of 2006, with a one year completion date.