Three in the Hunt in Ward 4

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With just days before the Democratic Primary election, candidates vying for the Ward 4 council seat are making their rounds, trying to get their message across to the voters. Incumbent Jesse Palmer, Sr., faces opposition from two candidates.

The Rev. Troy Roscoe, Sr., said he would like to see more done about the ward's abandoned houses, drainages ditches and streets.

"Our ward is in the worst condition that I have seen so far and there are just a lot of things we are missing," Roscoe said.

Thomas Hopson is also in the running for the Ward 4 council seat. He says that there are a lot of basic necessities that the ward is not being provided.

"I think the police patrolling this area would make a big difference. Revitalization of downtown is good, but you have to revitalize the neighborhoods. Downtown will be no better than the people that live in it," said Hopson.

Palmer says he would like to continue what he has started. He cited some accomplishments while he has been in office. They include grant funds that have been used to renovate more than 30 homes at a cost of $30,000 plus each, along with the completion of a drainage project on Gallagher Creek from Sowashee Creek to Highland Park and other ongoing or completed projects.

"I have lived 72 of my 76 years in this ward, so I will always try to do the best for the people of this ward," Palmer said.

The winner of the Democratic Primary election will go on to face Independent candidate, John Nelson, Jr., in the General Election on June 7.