Lawmakers Face Deadline

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With only three meeting days left, Alabama lawmakers have yet to pass the budgets that fund education, Medicaid, senior and children services, state troopers and dozens of other key state activities.

Bickering over budgets and a long filibuster in the Senate dominated the session that will cost the state an estimated $1.2 million. If the state Legislature does not pass the budgets by the May 16 deadline, a special session would be required.

Last week several senators refused to show up for work in the Senate chamber because of disputes over the education budget.

Montgomery school teacher Bonnie Shanks says the pace of the legislature has been frustrating, saying, "It's not the way to do business, but it's politics."

Shanks is among those hoping for approval of a six percent teacher pay raise.

The House approved the proposed $5.16 billion education budget and the $1.53 billion General Fund budget, but the Senate has yet to vote on them.