Harris Family After Extreme Makeover

Chris and Diamond Harris got a new house after ABC picked them for an Extreme Makeover. However, this is far from being the only thing that has changed in their lives.

In fact, over the past three years the family itself has undergone what you might want to call an extreme makeover of its own.

Diamond had sextuplets two and a half years ago. They are the world's only surviving African-American sextuplets: Kiera, Kalynne, Kaleb, Kobe, Kieran and Kyle. The Harrises' oldest child, Dewayne, is nine.

Although the house may be crowded, Chris says things are better than what they used to be.

Within the last five years, the family went from an old apartment on Old Marion Road in Meridian to an apartment in Birmingham to the house.

At the age of 30, Diamond, who's a graduate of Southeast Lauderdale High School, and 31-year-old Chris from Yantley, Ala., say they never in their wildest dreams could they have imagined their lives in this way. However, all of the joy has not come without some pain.

After trying for 18 months to have another child, finally, through medical treatment, their wish became a reality, six times over. While Diamond was expecting, their house went into foreclosure.

With the help of very supportive neighbors, Diamond and Chris were able to keep their home and but then came damage from Hurricane Ivan that took away the use of half the house.

With nine people even more cramped for space, Extreme Makeover Home Edition came to the rescue. Thanks to the show, the couple's house has been renovated to more the twice its original size and more than quadrupled in value.

This brings me to the question of, 'How much of a difference can a few days really make?' On Wednesday night, Newscenter 11 will take you inside.