Candidates Challenge Election Results

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Mayor John Robert Smith won the Republican mayoral primary in Meridian, but there may be a legal challenge to the results of Tuesday's voting.

Local businessman Wally Hudnall, the challenger, says he wants another election to be held.

"There were so many voting irregularities that I observed," said Hudnall. "In many different locations, at least 25 percent of the voting places."

Hudnall says problems were experienced by voters at Velma Young Park, the Council of Organizations Building, the Jaycees Building and Freedom Rock Church.

"I didn't even see the Republican table. It was down the hall and around the corner. I had nine people tell me that and that's wrong," Hudnall said. "I'm not conceding. It's not over yet."

Smith, Hudnall's GOP opponent, says he does not believe the election was flawed in any way.

In an unrelated race on Tuesday, businessman Sylvester Betts lost a bid to unseat Ward 2 incumbent Mary Perry. Betts is requesting a recount. He says he personally experienced a problem at the polls.

Betts told Newscenter 11 that a poll worker told him he could not vote because he was a candidate.

"I think that the poll workers were a bit inexperienced," said Betts.

There was no word Wednesday on whether the Democratic Party had certified its election.