Hudnall Concedes Race

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Uncertainty remains regarding the plans for former Republican mayoral candidate Wally Hudnall. He lost to incumbent John Robert Smith this week.

There was a lot confusion Thursday regarding the mayor's race.

Hudnall stopped by the station to announce his intentions to concede he had lost the republican primary, despite misgivings he had over alleged irregularities at some polling places.

But after that original concession, Hudnall called to tell us he had changed his mind.

After talking to some friends, he decided to pursue an election challenge further, asking the state attorney general's office to look into the matter.

That is where it stood until just before 5 p.m., when he called Newscenter 11 again to tell us he had exhausted all possibilities, and was now, officially conceding the race.

It appears now the Republican mayoral primary is over. John Robert Smith is the winner, and there will be no challenge.