Update on Louisiana Escapees

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The escapees believed to be in the Lauderdale and Clarke County areas are 37-year-old Stephen B. Wright from Shreveport, Louisiana, and 38-year-old Dayle Peters from Dallas, Texas.

Both were out on separate work-release details with the Union Parish Sheriff's Department in Louisiana at the times of their escapes Monday morning.

After a day and a half on the run Tuesday night, Lauderdale County authorities recovered a stolen vehicle from the Causeyville area that was believed to have been used by Wright and Peters. Then on Wednesday morning, the Clarke County Sheriff's Department received word that the two were in the Basic City area just off Highway 11.

"We believe that one of these individuals, who is Dayle Ray Peters, has some known acquaintances in Clarke County, as well as in Lauderdale," said Clarke County Sheriff Todd Kemp.

Shortly after that, another stolen vehicle believed to have been used by the escapees was found abandoned in Basic City, down a narrow trail just off County Road 378, about a mile into a heavily wooded area.

Investigators say they believe Peters drove the stolen truck into the woods to get close to Okatibbee Creek, which could be used as an easy escape route.

Okatibbee Creek is not the only possible way to escape. With railroad tracks running just above the creek, another set of tracks about a half mile down stream and extensive woods, investigators say the two had at least four ways to escape or hide out.

Throughout the day, officers searched the area by helicopter and on foot. Residents in east Mississippi and west Alabama, especially those who live near the Highway 11 area, have been put on alert.

Anyone who spots the suspects is advised not to approach them. Both are considered armed and dangerous.