Kemper County Flap

An apparent feud has erupted in Kemper County between two law enforcement agencies, the Scooba Police Department and the Kemper County Sheriff's Department.

Scooba Police Chief Faye Powell says her town is losing money, allegedly because Sheriff Sam Tisdale is releasing some inmates from jail for amounts less than what was ordered by the court.

Within the past few months, Powell says the town of Scooba has lost over $300 as a result. She alleges the sheriff is doing wrong and she wants it stopped. Chief Powell recently presented her concern to the Scooba Board of Aldermen.

Sheriff Tisdale says he has not done anything wrong. He said it's legal for a sheriff to release an inmate from jail on an amount less than what is set by the court.

In fact, in some cases, Tisdale said it actually has saved the town of Scooba money. For example, the sheriff said releasing someone who is ill can be more cost-effective than housing that person, because the city or county becomes responsible for providing health care.

Tisdale also told NewsCenter 11 that it's left up to the court and the arresting agency to collect the remainder of the fee from inmates.

At the moment, both Chief Powell and Sheriff Tisdale say they're weighing their options on where to go from here, including possible legal action.