McLin to Retire

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After more than five years leading Meridian Public Schools and 39 years in public education, Dr. Janet McLin announced her plans to retire at the end of the 2002-2003 school year.

"I'm retiring when everything is going well," said McLin. "I think that's the time to go out, when things are going well."

The retirement is effective June 30, 2003. McLin said neither health concerns nor a failed bond issue in 2000 had anything to do with her decision.

"The bond issue failed, but actually 57 percent of the people who voted, voted for it," said McLin. "We had to have 60 percent for it to pass. So even though we were disappointed in its failure, we were happy for the community support that was shown."

"We are pleased with the condition in which we're leaving Meridian Public Schools," said McLin. "The facilities are old but well-maintained. The budget is stable. The fund balance is healthy. Financially, we're in good condition."

"Curriculum and programs that we have put in for the children are things that are going to work, if given time," said McLin.

Now begins the search for a replacement.