Storm Damage Reported

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For Joey Swafford, this is not a typical Monday. In fact, over the weekend he had to return home from off shore after receiving a call that a tornado had swept through the Elwood Community in Clarke County where he lives.

"Her daughter said it sounded like a freight train. She said when she stepped outside the sky was orange and that's what I think you see when it's a tornado."

However, forecasters say it was not a tornado, but instead straight line winds around 7:30 Friday night, which caused damage like this within the community.

"It got the carport," says Swafford, "everything as far as you could see scattered over there to the woods and in the trees."

Despite all of the damage in his yard, his house was virtually not touched. However, the entire outside of the shed right beside it was removed, leaving behind everything inside it.

Just down the road the damage was even worse a mobile home overturned. Fortunately, at the time of the storm no one was living there.

As for the extent of the damage, investigators say it included one overturned mobile home, many downed trees and much debris, mostly along Clarke County Road 130.

Despite all of the damages, no one was hurt, leaving residents like Joey Swafford feeling, "Very thankful! We are very blessed! We are very blessed."