Looking Beyond BRAC

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Both the Meridian Naval Air Station and the Air National Guard Base could be on the list of bases to be closed when that list is released Friday.

But what happens to the bases if they stay on that list through a series of moves going into September when the final list is released?

If NAS Meridian or Mississippi National Guard facilities are on a final list of bases to be closed, Lauderdale County administrator Tony Green says the first step would be to begin the process of acquiring the land and facilities.

For that, a local redevelopment authority would have to be formed. Then, Green says the land could possibly be acquired through what is called a public benefit trust transfer.

Green says it's the same method used by the city of Alexandria, La., when England Air Force Base was closed there in 1992 during a previous closure action.

Earlier this year county officials made a trip to Alexandria, considered a model city for what to do in the case of a base closing.