Riley Inauguration Plans

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Governor-elect Bob Riley has promised an inauguration "for everybody," but will include some exclusive events that come with an expensive admission price.

The events include a black-tie ball, where a table for four will cost $5,000 and include two tickets to a VIP reception. That's according to a report Wednesday in the Huntsville Times.

For $50,000, a person can get three tables at the ball, eight tickets to a VIP reception, admission to an inauguration day brunch at the governor's mansion and 20 reserved seats for the parade and swearing-in ceremony.

Riley plans to spend up to $1 million on his inaugural ceremonies, bucking a nationwide trend. Many governors are opting for low-key inaugural celebrations as states fight financial troubles caused by a downturn in the economy.

State Rep. Mike Hubbard, who's coordinating Riley's inaugural, said the events will be paid for from private donations. He defended plans for the black tie ball.

Hubbard, a Republican from Auburn, says the events will be "top-notch" but not "ostentatious." He also says events with admission charges will help cover the cost of free events.