Special Session Ahead

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Come Wednesday, it will be back to the drawing board for Mississippi lawmakers. On May 18, they will return to the Capitol for a special session to try and hammer out a final budget for the state. This did not happen during the 93-day regular session that ended on April 6.

The major sticking points have been and are expected to still be: funding for programs such as those in public education, with prisons and also Medicaid. With a projected shortfall of almost $500 million, the task is not expected to be much easier this time around.

However, unlike before, this time around lawmakers will have a little more to work with thanks to an unexpected boost in tax collections last month. During the month of April alone, Mississippi collected $28 million more than what it expected in corporate, individual and state sales taxes. House speaker Billy McCoy said he wants to review these numbers and make sure that 'normal' procedures for tax collections and disbursements were followed for that month.

Meanwhile, when lawmakers convene at 9:00 a.m. Wednesday, the task will be for lawmakers to decide how to disperse the state's $3.8 billion budget.