Philadelphia Braces for Trial

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Plans for security and traffic control at the Edgar Ray Killen trial have been finalized. Some streets will close. Others will be one-laned, and it could impact local businesses.

From the time the trial begins until it is over, satellite trucks will fill prime downtown parking spots along Center Avenue in Philadelphia. That's not good news for the folks at Chuxter's Guitar Shop. The store's owner has some concerns.

"They're going to have streets blocked. I'm just going to make the best of it. Bottom line, it's what it's going to be, and it's here," said Chuck Etheridge, who says space for his customers and students will be impacted.

The trial is expected to be about two weeks. Things will likely be difficult for many of the businesses here during that time. The city's two main streets, Beacon and Main, will only run one lane near the courthouse. The streets on the north and south sides of the courthouse will be closed completely.

"Mainly, we just want to have the traffic where we can control it, keep it where we can control people close to the courthouse, so we can have a safe zone," said Sheriff Larry Myers.

That safe zone will extend right into Chuxter's, but Etheridge plans to make the most of it. He says, hopefully, some of the members of the media will even need his services or equipment.

And for Etheridge and others like him downtown, the trial is only two weeks away.