Mayor's Race on in Scooba

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On June 7, voters in Scooba, Miss., will face a choice at the polls. Who do they want for mayor?

Incumbent Mayor Glenn Williams is a lifelong resident of Scooba and a father of two, and for the last 21 years he has been road manager for the Kemper County Board of Supervisors.

"I've been in office for eight years and it takes the first four years to learn all the ropes," said Williams. "I've started to accomplish a lot of my goals and want to be re-elected for my third term so I can finish them."

His challenger, Allen Beaty, is also a native of Scooba. He spent several years working for EMEPA and now spends his time farming. He said he'd like to make a change in Scooba.

"Bring it back to where we have something going on in town as far as business, as far as retail sales and stuff like that," said Beaty, also an independent.

Both men say they have a plan and want the people of Scooba to choose them.

"I would like to get a chance to meet with the county supervisors and talk with them and also get a chance to talk about the industrial park that was promised to us that we never did get," Beaty said.

"We're upgrading the sewage system and if I'm reelected, hopefully we can get the streets repaved," Williams said. "We've got a couple dollar stores that want to locate here. I'm also working on getting some land to put a park for the children to play in."

Both candidates are asking all of the voters in Scooba to turn out on election day, June 7. Polls are open 7:00 a.m. to 7:00 p.m.