Children First: Summer School Fun

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While most students are on vacation for the summer, some at Crestwood Elementary are already back in the books for summer school.

"Many of our students do need this to go to the next grade level," says 4th grade teacher Dixie Pigford. "They just need it to reinforce and some students are here that are getting reinforcement for the next year and they're fully capable and they're just getting some extra work so they'll be ahead of the game."

With the structure of summer school, teachers say getting ahead of the game is a lot easier to do.

"To me I just feel like it's a smaller group and you can work well with children when you're in smaller groups," says kindergarten teacher Janice Larkin.

With summer school set to end June 24 and regular school set to begin a little over a month later on August 4, some might think that the students are missing out for the summer. However, the teachers we talked to say the sacrifice is well worth it!

"It gives us time for remediation and it gives us time for reinforcement where they don't regress during the summer period," says Pigford. "This gives them a little extra edge and they don't seem to forget as much."

This is something which Pigford says can make a great difference between making an "A," "B," or even a "D" when school resumes this fall.