Medicare Assistance

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It's as simple as the click of a finger. I'm talking about the relatively new website known as Medicare Interactive. It's designed to help Medicare recipients get answers to their questions faster and easier.

"It's very easy to use website and it's very user friendly. It even has text enlarged, so people with bad eyesight can see it better," says Tamaal Rodgers with the Medicare Rights Center.

The website is so helpful that not only can you log on to it and find out general information on the federal level about Medicare, but you can also log on, choose your particular state and find out information that affects your area on the issue. In the end, officials say this could not only save you time but also money.

"People can log on and go straight to the answer that they need," says Rodgers. "They don't have to wait for automated phone systems. They can also print the information."

Currently, the system's links to 27 states. Within the next year Rodgers says it should be linked to the remaining states as well. This includes Alabama which is currently not on the list.

Starting next week even more assistance will be available for Medicare recipients. That's when the new website will be launched.