King Day Conundrum Solved

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There will only be one parade up Dexter Avenue to the Alabama Capitol on Inauguration Day.

Organizers of annual activities honoring slain civil rights leader Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Sunday canceled plans for a march to the Capitol at the same time as inauguration activities for Governor-elect Bob Riley.

Riley's inauguration is on Jan. 20. That's the same day as the federal and state holiday honoring King.

State Rep. Alvin Holmes of Montgomery said the march was canceled after Riley agreed to allow civil rights icon Johnnie Carr to give a short speech during the swearing-in ceremony.

The chairman of Riley's inauguration activities, state Rep. Mike Hubbard, said Carr will be one of several distinguished Alabama citizens to speak during the ceremony.

The city of Montgomery had issued parade permits for both the inauguration activities and for the King parade and rally. Riley's inauguration team had originally turned down the request for Carr to speak and Holmes had promised to march to the Capitol steps while Riley was making his inaugural speech.