Children First: Giving Thanks

As many other schools do, Oakland Heights Elementary invited parents and grandparents to share a special meal with the children, to observe the Thanksgiving holiday. The food was delicious, but was not the main reason for the gathering.

"You get to talk about things that they've done through the day and all that," said Ronda Smith, a mother of two.

"To sit down and eat dinner together. You know, to try to take time just at least at that moment at dinner time to get that peace and relaxation. Can't take anything for it. There's a lot learned within that time," said Thomas Howell, Sr., whose daughter attends Oakland heights. "You just try to get a little quality time in with them because that the reason children are in the shape they're in now. Because the parents are not devoting enough time toward them."

"To be with my daughter. I try not to miss a Thanksgiving or Christmas dinner they have," said Tonya Barron, a mother of two. "Just the closeness, being together. Just me and my daughter. I have a 2 year old too. But try to spend enough time with both of them."

It appears the message of being thankful for what we have was delivered and understood.

"Thanksgiving means to me, it's like giving thanks but not just on that certain day," said Devon A. Pruitt, a student at Oakland Heights. "You're supposed to give thanks to God and to people. Say thank you, thank you."

A simple message, good for all of us.