Annexation Plan Still Active

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Meridian's original annexation plan had two problem areas, according to city officials. Five of the legal descriptions were not accurate and the G.V. Montgomery Industrial Park was included in the annexation area.

Lauderdale County supervisors hired a Jackson attorney to oppose the annexation. At Tuesday's council meeting, the council corrected the legal descriptions and reaffirmed they had removed the Montgomery Industrial Park from the proposed annexation.

City officials say Lauderdale County is using tax dollars from city residents to fight the city's tax dollars that come from the same residents.

"They're still paying the attorneys with the money, the tax monies from both people inside the city limits and outside the city limits," said Meridian's chief administrative officer Ken Storms. "But the exclusionary, the Sonny Montgomery Industrial Park was removed from our annexation effort months and months ago."

The council produced a map that showed the Montgomery Park as excluded. Storms said the county no longer has any reason to fight annexation, which is set for trial July 25. He said the city will have to prove it can furnish police and fire protection, water and sewer, public works and other city services to the proposed annexation area for the court's approval.