Judge Rules on Aruban Suspects

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A judge has determined that there is enough evidence to continue holding the two men now in custody on suspicions of kidnapping and murder in the disappearance of Natalee Holloway.

Attorneys for the two men, Abraham Jones, 28, and Nick John, 30, worked as security guards near Natalee's hotel and say they are fully cooperating with police.

"According to Aruban law, you don't need hard evidence; you can have suspicions," said Moraina Pietersz, Nick John's attorney. "They have their suspicions. I don't agree with them. Legally, I can take steps against them, advise my client to wait the eight days and give the police time with their investigation."

Jones' mother said her son is being framed.

The search continues on Aruba. Natalee's family was vacationing together in Arkansas when they heard she was missing. Now they are joined by strangers who just want to help find her.

"The tourists call our room, you know, everyday at 10:00 a.m. They organize a search party that meets in the Holiday Inn lobby and it's amazing the people that come there," said Natalee's stepfather, Jug Twitty.

A judge will review the suspicions against the two men every eight days. That can last over three months without a criminal charge.

Natalee's family says it will wait and won't go back to the United States without her.

Alabama's governor said he has talked to the Holloway family and has volunteered the state's resources in any way that could help.

"We talked to the Aruban officials. You know, we have offered any and all support for anything that we can do in the state of Alabama. I mean, it's a tragic situation. I can't imagine what those parents are going through right now," said Gov. Bob Riley.

Police and FBI continued to search for Natalee, but were hampered by a lack of any solid leads.