Children First: Vacation Bible School

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A group of children enjoyed a safari of sorts at First Presbyterian Church of Meridian. Their "Serengheti Trek" has them "Wild About God" during Vacation Bible School.

"It had a lot to offer in the way of excitement for the kids, and we liked the curriculum that went along with it, because it stresses the kids forming a deeper relationship with God," said children's director, Jo Beth Moranto.

After meeting in the sanctuary first thing in the morning, children have Bible study, arts and crafts, singing and dancing, and play outside.

It is designed to show the kids there is more to church than dressing up on Sunday and sitting in a sanctuary. It shows them that they can have fun keeping God in their everyday lives.

"It's fun for them. They get to make crafts, to have fun playing games outside, but it is designed for a purpose: to have them come back to the church," said Moranto.

Each day the children also work on their mission trip project will provide school supplies to kids overseas.