Missions at Home

Meridian's First Assembly of God Church is participating in a ministry to feed the hungry in the Meridian area. It's part of a much larger international program called Feed the World.

"We have a lot of working poor in our community. One of the things that I want to do as a pastor is to try to meet the needs of people in our community, not only in a spiritual way but in a practical and a physical way," said the Rev. Bob Null. "I don't want to turn it into a social program. It's a Gospel program and that Gospel program gives us an opportunity to preach the Gospel to people we might not otherwise reach. Some of those are people that are less fortunate."

"We're giving baskets to people that were affected by last week's tornado," said Rev. Null. "People in the south part of our county lost a lot of their goods. Some of their houses were damaged and destroyed. We've had people coming by to pick up groceries."

"We hope to be able to keep stores of food all the time and begin to develop a food relief ministry that can carry on through into the community year round," Null said.

"I began to feel the burden for this probably a year and a half ago," said the pastor. "Began to pray about how to do this and think about it. It was kind of a new way of looking at things for me."

"We want to serve our community. We want people to know that we love them," said Null. "We want people to know that Jesus loves them too. And if First Assembly can serve Meridian we're sure going to do our best to do that."

Anyone with a need for food is welcome to call First Assembly of God for information. Call 483-4591 for details on the ministry.