Jimmie Smith Concedes Race

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Certified late Thursday, the final results of Meridian's mayoral election show incumbent Mayor John Robert Smith defeated his closest opponent, Democratic candidate Jimmie Smith, by 104 votes.

At a news conference Friday, Jimmie Smith conceded and called it a fair election.

"We watched the process, as we said before, and made sure that the public had a fair election process," said Smith, a county supervisor who has two more years in his current term.

"Every process has little glitches because we're all human. Overall, the process was a good process and the poll workers did a good job," said city clerk Ed Skipper.

In light of the results, Jimmie Smith says he plans to work with the mayor's administration and is asking his supporters to do the same.

The next mayoral election in Meridian is 2009. As for whether or not he'll seek the post again, Smith says it's too early to say.

"We're going to continue to work hard at what we're doing and try to make strides for this community and that's what we're going to do," Smith said.