Two for the Road

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Two local roadway express drivers have recently accomplished a remarkable feat. Both men have managed to drive millions of miles without ever having an accident.

It was a deserving celebration Friday for E.T. "Slim" Pickens and Charles Reed, Sr. Pickens has driven four million miles without an accident. Reed has reached the three million mile mark.

"I attribute my success to the Lord and my wife and my family," said Pickens.

"When you know it's time to go to work, you concentrate on doing that one thing," Reed said, explaining his successful driving.

Pickens has been driving for Roadway for 33 years. Four million miles is the equivalent of circling the earth's equator 144 times.

"I have had to sacrifice a lot and my family has had to sacrifice," said Pickens.

Pickens is only the 16th person in the company's 75 years of existence to achieve this goal.

"I'm having fun and I want to keep driving for a few more years," said Pickens.

Reed has been with Roadway for 27 years and reached three million miles accident free in April.

Reed credits the accomplishment to both his family and his love of driving.

"You have to love to do it, because [otherwise] you are wasting your time," said Reed.

Both men will now receive their own truck with their name on the side, signifying this major accomplishment.