Holloway Investigation Continues

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A missing Alabama honors student went to an Aruban beach and engaged in passionate kissing with a Dutch teen in a car the night she disappeared. That's according to testimony from two of the boy's friends.

All three young men were arrested Thursday. A government spokesman says they'll appear before a judge Saturday. Authorities have refused to say on what grounds they are being held.

According to testimony from two of the Dutch boy's Surinamese friends, they brought 18-year-old Natalee Holloway to a beach but didn't get out of the car. Instead, the Surinamese brothers say Holloway and the Dutch teen, who's an honors student at Aruba International School, "were in the back seat kissing.”

Holloway disappeared May 30 while on a five-day trip with 124 classmates and seven chaperones. The teens were celebrating their graduation from Mountain Brook High School. She never showed up for the return flight. Two other men are also being held in connection with the case.

The family of Natalee Holloway is not getting a lot of details from the police on the investigation, according to her father, Dave Holloway of Meridian.

"The police is doing their investigation, and one of the things that they're real careful about is not getting any information out to the public, to compromise any of their investigative efforts," Holloway said Friday. "Natalee was a straight 'A' student, had a full scholarship to the University of Alabama, and, you know, had her future ahead of her. As a parent, you've got to find your children and you'll do everything you can to find your child."

Authorities have not said Holloway was a victim of foul play and have not ruled out any possibilities, including that she may have drowned.